Kite Kits for schools

Our great kite kits.

All Kits are made from white Tyvek and have Fibreglass frames. They include all materials to make the kite and come with instructions.

These kite kits are guaranteed to fly.

These are out most popular kites. We also have a range of other kit from birds to squares and all sorts of other shapes. Please call or email if you are interested.

These kits are made and put together in our Coogee workshop. We are proud of our quality and know they will out fly any other kit on the market. After all we have been around the longest with over 20 years experience.

Prices do not include GST or Freight.
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Kite Description School
diamond kite

Diamond Kites - Medium & Large

There are two sizes in the Diamond Kites. A Medium one which is 62cm x 49cm and the Large 78cm x 62cm. Both have a great wind range. The Large diamond is our best flyer and most popular

Click on the piture to the left to see the kite flying.

Medium - $4.40 each

Large - $5.00 each

diamond kite

Sled Kite

This kite is 50cm tall and 84cm wide. This is a good flyer and pulls quite hard as the wind increases. Easy to roll up and transport. Does not require tails but simple to add to the bottom.

Click on the piture to the left to see the kite flying.

$5.75 each

diamond kite

Box Kite

The box kite was invented by Lawrence Hargrave an Australian. This kit flies in a good wind range. Size is 25cm x 25cm x 70cm.

There is a little more involved in putting this kite together and is therefore more suitable for stage 3 students and above.

Instructions are on a CD as a video.

Click on the piture to the left to see the kite flying.

$9.95 each

CD provide free

Tetra kite

Tetrahedral Kite

Great class project and fits in well with STEM projects.

This picture is made up of ten kites however it is most difficult to fly them as individuals but as ten it's a dream.

The challenge is you can add layers or make totally different shapes. The spacial creativity is amazing.

I dont have the sapce here to explain it all so please email or call and I would love to have a chat. I also have lots of resources for this project.

Click on the piture to the left to see another example.

This is a new project.
approx unit cost is $9.50

Each Tyvek sail can be decorated. Loads of fun.

There is no minimum order size.

Kites are bulk packed and not individually packaged.

We can also package into class sizes for large school orders