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Kite Components - Fittings

Leading Edge Connector - Stocks now limited
LE3Leading Edge Connector 3mm4.40
LE4Leading Edge Connector 4mm4.40
LE5Leading Edge Connector 5mm4.40
LE55Leading Edge Connector 5.5mm3.30
LE6Leading Edge Connector 6mm4.40

T Piece
TP55T Piece 5.5mm4.40
TP60T Piece 6.0mm5.50
TP60ST Piece 6.0mm wiith aluminium Ferrule6.60

Spar Grabber
SG2Spar Grabber for 4 - 5mm tube2.20
SG3Spar Grabber for 5 - 6mm tube2.20

Sail Fitting
SF3Sail Fitting 3mm2.20
SFF2Sail Fitting fold over 2mm3.30
SFF3Sail Fitting folf over 3mm3.30
SFJ2Sail Fitting Jaco 2mm4.50
SFJ3Sail Fitting Jaco 3mm4.50

D2Dihedral 2mm3.95
D3Dihedral 3mm3.95
D4Dihedral 4mm3.95
D5Dihedral 5mm4.95
D6Dihedral 6mm5.50
D8Dihedral 8mm7.70
D12Dihedral 12mm9.90