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Kite Components - Cloth & Material

Ripstop Nylon
per m
RSnylon343/4 oz ripstop nylon
9 different colours
RSnylon151.5oz ripstop nylon
approx 9 colours
1.4 - 1.5m$19.50

Icarex - Polyester Half ounce
per m
IcarexComes in approx 10 colours.
Double coated.
Very good for Boat sails and stunt kites.

Tyvek - Two Styles
  CodeDescriptionWidthPrice per m
1443RSoft Style1.52m$10.45
1073DLike thin cardboard1.02m$13.80

Nylon Tafferta
  CodeDescriptionWidthPrice per m
NTaffWe have a range of colours
and styles
1m to1.5m$7.70