Materials to Make a Kite

Here is a list of items to make kites. It should cover most of your requirements however we have many more items if you have something fancy you are making.
Also I am happy to help with and project ideas you might have. I love a challenge!!!

Please see our kite kits as well. Apart from those listed we have many more.

Item Description Price ex GST
????      Sail Materials
???? Tyvek
1.5m wide. Just white and looks like paper but really strong.
Easy to decorate with paints, textas and crayons.
Can be glued, sewn or taped
$6.80 per m
/// Ripstop Nylon
9 different colours, lightweight and strong. 1.5m wide
Needs to be sewn
$12.90 per m
???? Nylon Taffeta
1.5m wide and approx 6 colours. Heavier than ripstop and Tyvek.
$6.50 per m
      Kite Frame Materials
???? Fibreglass Rod
All these rod are stocked in 4m lengths and can be cut to any length.

$1.50 per m
$1.50 per m
$1.65 per m
$1.80 per m
$2.00 per m
$2.30 per m
$2.85 per m
$3.25 per m
$4.35 per m
???? Carbon Rods & Tubes
Rods are in 3m lengths. Tubes as listed
5.4mm tube in 3m lengths
5.8mm tube in 3m lengths
Carbon tubes from 3mmOD to ?? length 82.5cm

$4.00 per m
$4.95 per m
$6.00 per m
$7.35 per m
$8.50 per m
$9.25 per m
Pls Call
???? Wooden Dowel
Dowel provides good stiffness for weight however it will break more easily.
4mm x 1.8m length
6mm x 1.8m length

$2.50 per l
$3.75 per l
      Other parts you will need
???? Handle & String
Basic handle suitable for most school kites - 40m string
Large handle for stunt kites or large kites - 40m string

$0.95 each
$3.25 each
???? Tail Material
Tails are not just for balance but decoration as well.
Flat 25mm wide rolls - 75m long in 7 colours.
Red, Blue, Pink, Lime, Green, Yellow, Orange
Tube tail 50mm wide - good for big kites and stunters
Black, Purple, Orange

$4.20 per roll

$2.25 per 10m
???? Other Bits and Pieces

Brass snap swivels for connecting kite and string
Double sided tape - 50m roll 6mm wide
Insignia tape 25mm wide - Great for reinforcing and sticking Tyvek
Clear vinyl tubing for joining and making connectors
End caps for fibreglass rods - all sizes

$0.60 from
$6.50 per roll
$22.00 per roll
$1.10 per m
$0.15 each
???? Please call or email for any help or questions.
We have a worksheet to help work out an order for a class or school