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Pliers Long Nose Pliers
125mm long, non-slip soft grip handle. Good size for students. Great for connecting alligator clips and other tasks.
Wire Strippers Wire Strippers
These are a great help. They draw the insulation cover off the wire without cutting the wire.
We use them to strip the wires for your kits.
Multimeter Multimeter
Great device to have if you want to extend the students knowledge of circuits. Also good for trouble shooting.
Multimeter Leads Multimeter Leads
The multimeter comes with leads which have a probe, these have alligator clips which I think make the multimeter more useable.
Pro tool Pro Tool - Crimping and stripper ++
Great general tool to do most tasks around the wire in your kits. Also well priced.
Terminal Crimp tool Terminal Crimp Tool
Some of our kits have connectors which you need to crimp the wire into. This tool does just that. You can also use the Pro Tool
Pro tool Hole Punch
Not really for the solar kits but very handy in the kite kits.