Me with my Kite

Welcome to the online home of Kite Magic. Our business aims to provide good quality school resources and the largest range of kite making components in Australia plus STEM kits for all levels of education.

Our greatest love is working with schools where we offer teachers and students materials and the know how to create fun and interesting STEM projects. These include kites, solar kits and solar cars plus soon to be added other new interesting ideas we are working on.

Our shop does not have regular retail hours. If we are running workshops or out picking up new ideas the shop will most likely be closed so please phone before you come out to visit us. We are also happy to meet you before or after hours as well.

We hope you enjoy our web site. Your feedback will help support us to make an even better site for you.

Michael Richards

That's me flying a trilobite kite I made in New Zealand. It's 25m long.

Kite World Altitude Record

Team members Bob Moore, Mike Jenkins, Roger Martin and myself got the world record in September 2014
It took 9 years to get a kite to 16,038ft above ground level BUT we did it!!
We have now formalised our team with the name Kite Altitude Record Team K.A.R.T. and hope to break our own record soon.
If you would like to read all about our attemps click the link below.

Check it out - click here.