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Made up model car Made up model car

Prices do not include GST or freight and are based on bulk orders for schools. Contact for Retail Pricing

Item Description Price ex GST
Model F-13 Motor F-13 1.5 - 4.5v, nominal 3.0v, 7300rpm, 54.8% efficiency
Used in our Basic Models
Model F13S Motor F-13S 1.5 - 4.5v, nominal 1.5v, 5500rpm, 63% efficiency $2.60
Motor F-18 1.5 - 6.0v, nominal 2.4v 6700rpm, 67.6% efficiency
Used in the Advanced and MiniSprint Models
Motor mounts for motors $1.25
Solar Panel 1v Solar Panel 1v 500mA $8.00
Solar Panel 1.5v Solar Panel 1.5v 500mA $9.20
Solar Panel 2volts 700mA - This is the panel recommended
for all our kits
Wheels - 50mm & 40mm diam with 3mm hole to suit fibreglass axels.
We now have these wheels made in Sydney rather than import them.
$0.35 - 40mm
$0.40 - 50mm
Flat Wheels - 50mm diam with 3mm hole to suit fibreglass axels.
Imported Can be good as a guide wheel for the track.
$0.43 each
Small Pinion gears for motors in 10 and 12 tooth.
Large Spur gears in 48, 54, 60 tooth for axels
NEW - 36 tooth plus 48tooth with 12tooth inner

$0.65 Pinion each
$0.85 Spur each
Aligator clips (32mm) to connect motor to solar panel. Red & Black $0.45 each
Battery 1 x AA Battery HolderS
1 x AA with wire leads
2 x AA with wire leads

$0.80 each
$0.95 each
Black rocker - on/off used in Advanced kits
Red toggle - on/ off/ on - Centre off so can be used to switch between solar and battery
Switch Connectors
Black Rocker Switch Connector
Red Toggle Switch Connector

$0.16 each
$0.29 each
Switch Mount for Red Toggle switch
These are 3D printer in our workshop

$1.25 each
Now cut from Fibreglass made here in Sydney
Fibreglass axel 152mm long by 3mm - Basic Car
Fibreglass axel 167mm long by 3mm - Advanced Car
Fibreglass axel 177mm long by 3mm - MiniSprint Car

Axel Collars
Now injection moulded here in Sydney
super smooth nylon to reduce the friction.
Turns a square hole into round!!
$0.19 each
Corflute Chassis - Now only available in white - 5mm thick
Basic 120mm x 200mm
Advanced 130mm x 240mm
MiniSprint 140mm x 250mm

Double Sided Tabs which come with the kits
The alternative is to purchase one of the rolls below for class workshops
This often works out cheaper in the long run.
$0.26 each
Double sided Tape
Standard tape is easy to use and great for testing. 50m roll
    Standard 12mm wide
Venture tape is super strong and very aggressive. 50m roll
    6mm wide
    9mm wide
    12mm wide


Insignia Tape 25mm wide - Roll length 48m
Strong cloth tape. Great for holding panels and parts in place.
$29.00 per roll
Hook Up Wire
Sold either by m or stripped and cut to length
160mm long to connect motor and panel - stripped

By the meter
By the roll - 100m
By the 25m Roll

$0.28 per piece

$0.32 per m
$19.50 per roll
$6.20 per roll
Wooden Block Sets
These are included in your order and used to help put the wheels and spur gears onto the axel.
$3.50 per set
Standard propeller shafts for boats. Used in Basic Boat Kit. $6.25
Large 3 blade propeller kit complete.
$8.25 per kit
Large 3 blade prop. fits the same shaft as the standard prop.
$3.95 per prop
Universal Connector
These connect the motor shaft to the boat shaft. This tube comes from the USA
$0.45 each
Polystyrene blocks for boat building
350mm x 170mm (Basic kit)
400mm x 200mm (MiniSprint boat kit)

Fans in 4 colours which fit all our motors
We use these in our Energy Kits. 80mm diameter and made from a plastic with some give so they dont cut your fingers off!
$2.50 each
Please specify colour
Equipment - We have a full range of tools and measuring equipment See Tab on the left