How to order for the Synergy Schools Solar Challenge

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Pricing & Ordering for Western Australia Schools only

To order your Solar Car kits for the Challenge just email Michael at

And in the subject line type:

"Synergy School Solar Challenge Order"

All I need are the following details and your order will be sent with an invoice which you can process once you have your kits- credit card is fine or EFT

    Your name
    School Name
    Number of kits

Details of the kit are below

Synergy Advanced Solar Car kit

Building the model car Building the model car Parts

The cost of the kit is $32.75 plus GST & freight


Model solar car made up >
Each Kit includes
1 Solar Panel - 2v 700mA
6 Wheels - 4 x 50mm, 2 x 40mm
2 Axels & 4 collars
1 Motor (model F-18)
1 Motor mount + Double sided tape
1 Small Pinion Gear - 10 tooth
2 large Spur Gears - 48 tooth & 60 Tooth
2 Alligator Clips
3 Pieces of wire
1 switch - centre off & 2 way + three spade connectors
1Chassis(white Corflute)
130m x 240mm
1 Battery pack, 2 x AA
Instructions included
We aslo include one block set
per 5 kits to assist in safely
mounting wheels

A joint initiative between Synergy and STAWA.
Model solar car made up