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2014 Video
Kite Altitude World Record
Post 2014 media coverage:

☀    It's not just cricket with Glynn Greensmith ABC Saturday afternoon radio.
A nice, well balanced 10 minute interview that allowed my to detail the trials and tribulations of 10 years of intermittent record attempts and some of the technical aspects of flying big kites very big kites to high altitude. Unfortunately the Web Cast is no longer available.

☀   Cobar Age newspaper.
As usual a good report of our record achievement. They covered all the record attempts reliably and accurately plus sent a photograper to Cable Downs several times.

☀   Dubbo Liberal. A good full page report as usual. Some innacuracies but over all a good report and good support over the years.

☀   Hills News.
Well reported in my local newspaper in Sydney.

☀   Drachen Foundation.
An extensive article in a specialist kite magazine in the USA.

☀   Silicon Chip magazine.
A modest but well written article in an Australian electronics magazine by Dr David Maddison.

☀   KiteBuilders.
Regular and extensive reporting in a US specialist forum.

☀   Rocketry Forum.
Regular updates with a crossover interest in GPS Telemetry.

☀   Guinness World Records.
It took months and a 26 page submission of evidence but in the end it was worthwhile as they are the most well recognised record keeping authority.

☀   The Australian Book Of Records (TABOR). Not quite as difficult as GWR but 4 nice certificates in the end to give to Roger Martin, Michael Richards and Michael Jenkins.

☀   The Australian Kiteflyers Society. A great certificate awarded in recognition of our achievement.

☀   Facebook. A new Kite Altitude Record page created with plenty of updates and extensive information on the record and high altitude flying.

I will update these references with links in the near future when I get time.

☀   New kite modifications in a redesigned 12 sq metre DT Delta for future record attempts.
The mods to the existing kite will be cross braces in red and a double spreader as standard. these are designed to stiffen the frame and improve lift by preventing cell colapse and wing foldback.
The colour was selected based on experience but it is not that important because the kite is mostly out of sight.
Ion Power Group
Electricity from Atmospheric Ions
Click here to see me on the TEAM
Click here to see the video
☀  I have been honored to be invited as a voluntary consultant for this innovated group that may use tethered kites to extract atmospheric ions to store charged electricity.
☀  There are early plans to find another flying site as the new owner of Cable Downs has not responded to request for a a continuation of record attempts on his air strip. Could be some where in this region defined by the green triangle, the previous zone is in the red circle: